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Furnace Tune Up in Reading, PA

undefinedKeep your furnace working all winter long

We get a lot of calls for furnace tune-ups as winter approaches. This is an excellent time to have your system maintained so that you can have the best possible chance that your furnace will keep you warm through another winter.

This is particularly important if you have an older furnace. Having routine maintenance performed will address small issues before they become big problems. Here are just some of the maintenance services that we provide at Essig:

  1. Checking the fan control and manifold pressure
  2. Oiling the blower motor, if needed
  3. Cleaning the entire blower assembly, including the wheel and motor
  4. Making sure all limits and safeties are working properly
  5. Lubricating all internal and external moving parts
  6. Cleaning and/or changing the air filter, if necessary
  7. Checking your chimney
  8. Looking at the gas valve and adjusting, if needed
  9. Testing for carbon monoxide emissions
  10. Looking at the heat exchanger for signs of rust, cracks and corrosion, and cleaning this part as well
  11. Running a heating cycle and making sure all components are working properly

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