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Leaking Water Heater in Reading, PA

undefinedOur professionals will troubleshoot first to diagnose the problem

Leaking water heaters are a common problem in every household. This can be due to many factors, some that might be more severe than others.

Troubleshooting is always a good way to assess the problem so you can diagnose and fix the issue as soon as possible. This particular customer has a leaking 50-gallon PU water heater.

PU, in the world of water heaters, stands for polyurethane. It is a type of foam insulation and reduces the amount of heat loss, which makes the water tank much more efficient and economical for the user.

The least expensive solution for this customer was to replace the pipe valve on the water heater. However, if this system were older the better option would be to completely replace the unit with a new one.

This customer was lucky that the leak didn’t result in a replacement because, more often than not, there is no repair work that can be done to fix a leak. Though getting a replacement sounds pretty bad, there are some instances where you’ll be better off.

Signs you should get a replacement water heater

  1. If the age of your unit is between 8 and 12 years old, then you can’t be certain how much longer it will work reliably. A hot water heater doesn’t do you any good if it’s not heating the water, so considering a replacement around those ages is a good idea.
  2. Corrosion: Once your tank starts suffering from corrosion, a replacement is pretty much inevitable.
  3. If your family is bigger or smaller than the last time you bought a water heater, then it’s time to start thinking if the size you currently have is the best option. If you have more people in the home now than you did many years ago, say, and you have a smaller-sized unit, it would be best if you got a bigger one. This way, you’ll always have enough hot water for everyone in your family. On the reverse side of that, if you have one that’s too big for your family size, then you are wasting money!

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