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Top Service Calls in Reading this Week

undefinedToilet Leaking on Floor in Fleetwood, PA

A man called to tell us that his bathroom floor had been getting wet near the toilet for about a month. Toilets are typically reliable, but when they develop this sort of problem, and the issue is left unattended for an extended amount of time, you can be at risk of suffering significant water damage.

This type of leak usually happens when the wax seal under the toilet fails. We can come to your home and install a new wax gasket to provide a watertight seal. However, sometimes you may just need to tight the bolts that connect the toilet to the floor. If you notice water coming out from under your toilet, soak up the water and dry the toilet. When a new puddle appears, try tightening the bolts with a wrench after removing the caps that cover them. If that still doesn’t work, call Essig.

Air Conditioner Line Repair in Reading, PA

A customer was trimming the hedges near her outside unit and accidentally cut the copper tube that runs from the unit to the house. She said white, dusty smoke started pouring out. What she had done was cut the refrigerant line. Our technician came out to her home, assessed the damage and made the repair.

The lady who called us was actually being proactive in trying to make sure the area around her outside unit was clear so that it had proper ventilation. But like they say, accidents happen. She called us quickly, though, and we were able to fix the issue and have her home once again cool and comfortable.

Air Conditioner Thermostat Replacement in Reading, PA

If the thermostat doesn’t work, then there is no way that your air conditioner can operate normally. It would simply keep running and running until you turned your system off manually This customer wanted a programmable unit installed so that she could set the temperature higher while she was out of the home.

If you’re not handy with tools, call Essig and we’ll send someone out to install your thermostat. We can provide you with an advanced model that will make your system run much more efficiently.