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5 Ways that Furnace Replacement in Reading Will Change Your Life

  1. undefinedA new furnace will make your home more comfortable, warm and inviting than ever before.  Today’s highly energy efficient furnaces provide greater comfort because they cycle on and off less frequently providing increased warmth over more time at a lower cost.
  2. New furnaces are compatible with state-of-the-art ‘smart’ thermostats. This technology will reliably deliver a steady, comfortable heating load into your home.
  3. New furnaces run very quietly compared to their racket-making ancestors. Major advances in furnace design will ensure you a warm and (almost) silent winter night.
  4. New furnaces are greener than their predecessors! An energy efficient furnace with a high AFUE rating can actually help you reduce your killer winter utility bills up to 40% or more!
  5. A furnace fresh out of the box will enhance the quality of the warmed air entering your home. Sealed combustion furnaces capture and safely expel all combustion byproducts so the fumes from your furnace cannot enter the living areas of your home.

Looking for furnace replacement in Reading? Look no further! The Essig heating experts have been working on local furnaces for over 75 years and we have the knowledge, experience and training to help you find the perfect furnace to keep you and your family warm this coming winter. At Essig, we have a number of active rebates, incentives and financing options available to help you afford that new furnace. We currently stock all major furnace makes, models and brands and, best of all, most furnace installations can be completed in one day.

So don’t shiver and shake all winter—just upgrade that furnace! Call the heating experts at Essig and get the ball rolling on your furnace replacement today!