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Furnace Tune Up Reading, PA

undefinedHelp keep your furnace working all winter long

A customer with a ten-year-old furnace called requesting their regular maintenance check. Having these routing inspections done before the winter months come rolling in can help prevent your furnace from breaking down in the middle of the season.

While it is important to have a technician come out and perform a tune up for you (You’ll see why below!), there are some things you can do all year round to ensure that an annual maintenance call doesn’t turn in to a repair call.

The first, and easiest, thing you can do is just clean it. Dirt is it’s biggest enemy – causing it to overheat and waste fuel. You also want to periodically check the pilot light to make sure it’s on, and relight it if it’s not. Another thing you can do is check the flue for any dents or gaps to make sure it has a clear vent path to the outside.

So, if you perform all those things on a regular basis, all you should need is your yearly maintenance. When you call Cranney, we perform 22 tasks so your furnace will stay working to keep you and your family warm. Here is a small list of what we do:

  1. Clean the heat exchanger and inspect for cracks, corrosion, and rust
  2. Clean blower assembly, including the motor and wheel
  3. Check fan control
  4. Check for gas leaks – all pipes and shut offs
  5. Check complete furnace cycle

If it’s time for your tune up, call Essig Plumbing and Cooling today!