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Signs It’s Time For a Furnace Tune Up in Reading

undefinedLast week we turned the clocks back which means winter is fast approaching. That means if you haven’t done it already, your furnace is likely in need of a tune up. The heating experts at Essig can care of that for you. Here are some telltale signs that your furnace is ready for some TLC:

1. Not producing adequate heat.

This one sound like common sense, right? Well, it is but the problem is that by the time most homeowners become aware of this, it’s too late. So call in one of furnace technicians to test your furnace before it gets too cold to check if it’s putting out enough heat to keep you warm all winter.

2. Carbon monoxide detector goes off.

If you have gas appliances in your home should absolutely be using a carbon monoxide detector to monitor levels in your home. Carbon monoxide, a byproduct of combustion, is known as the “silent killer” because completely undetectable to the human senses and can be a lethal poison in large doses.

If your alarm goes off you need to:

-Turn off all gas appliances.

-Open all windows to bring in fresh air and let the carbon monoxide escape.

-Leave your house and call the fire department.

-Call Essig to come and check your gas appliances (especially your furnace) to see if they are properly venting exhaust.

3. Utility bill suddenly increases.

It shouldn’t be a surprise when your energy bill rises during the winter months because your furnace is working harder to warm your home. However, if you notice a higher than usual spike in your bill and there has been no change in utility rates, then it’s very likely your furnace needs service.

4. Loud banging sound when your furnace kicks on.

If it’s in good shape, your furnace should be relatively quiet when it’s running. However, if you hear a loud banging noise when you turn it on, it might be that your blower motor requires repair or adjustment. Additionally, your furnace ignition could be delayed which can be dangerous.

5. Powerful fuel smell from furnace.

It’s normal for an oil or gas furnace to produce a light odor of burnt fuel in areas of your home near the unit. But if you’re noticing that strong smell in other rooms, you may have a leak that should be checked on by an Essig technician immediately.

Proper furnace maintenance is critical to keeping your home safe and warm this winter. So don’t wait until the frigid nights of winter arrive—call Essig today and book your furnace tune up as soon as possible.