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Gas Boiler Maintenance in Reading

undefinedOne of the best ways of staying comfortable all winter is to make sure your gas boiler remains in good working order. At Essig Plumbing and Heating, we provide expert gas boiler maintenance in Reading, PA. We know every make and model of boiler, so we can make sure your unit performs reliably no matter what the elements dish out.

In order to make sure your boiler keeps running, make the investment in a regular maintenance routine. While there are some things you can do on your own, most maintenance tasks need to be performed by a professional.

Locating Your Gas Main in Reading

Just in case something goes wrong with the gas lines entering your home, or if something goes wrong with the boiler, you need to know how to quickly shut off your gas. If you do not know, you can call Essig and we will send someone out to help you locate your gas main. It is very important to know that location, because if a gas leak develops in your home it may rise to very dangerous levels before a technician would be able to shut it off. Make sure you have an Essig technician show you the location of your gas main during boiler maintenance.

Gas Boiler Maintenance Benefits in Reading

Not only will proper maintenance ensure your boiler works through the coldest part of winter, it will also add years to its lifespan. Regularly choosing Essig for this maintenance will ensure that our technicians will be able to predict when components will need to be replaced so that you are fully prepared.

If you own a gas boiler system, it is vital that you follow a regular, thorough maintenance routine. Call Paul W. Essig today!