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3 Main Causes for Duct Cleaning in Boyertown

undefinedFact of life: your ducts will get dirty once you starting using your ventilation system. While that may sound too cut and dry, duct cleaning often gets overlooked by homeowners. That neglect often results in lower quality heating, cooling, and indoor air quality for residents. Dirty ducts can also result in some health consequences for members of your household, especially if they suffer from asthma or allergies. It’s important to seek duct cleaning from a professional service periodically so the health of your family and the level of comfort in your home won’t be at risk. PW Essig is here to be your number-one duct cleaning service. Our team of experts aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to ensure your ducts are the cleanest they’ve ever been. We truly understand just how important clean ducts can be to the overall comfort in your home, which is why we make sure your ducts cleaned down to the last speck of dust. As we advance into the winter season, it’s more important than ever to call for our cleaning service?

So, What’s Making Your Ducts Dirty?

There are limitless things that can make your ducts so dirty and our duct cleaning experts have seen them all. Here are 3 of the most common causes for duct cleaning we’ve seen in our 80 years of service:

  1. Mold: Due to the amount of moisture carried in the air, mold can slowly grow and thrive on ducts over time. The spores produced by mold will then be passed into the air in your home, which can make it incredibly hazardous to breathe for all members of your household. Mold exposure can lead to breathing and respiratory problems, as well watery eyes and skin irritation due to allergy reaction.
  2. Dust: Consider dust a silent killer in your home, as it can quietly grow and spread across your home without you even realizing it. The next thing you know, you’re coughing and sneezing in your home, and it’s all because of the dust buildup. Dust can be easily suck up by ducts and spread to various areas in your home, which can really take its toll on asthma and allergy sufferers in your home.
  3. Improper Sealing: You have the best working ducts in the area, but if they’re not sealed properly, you may be seeking duct cleaning sooner than you think. Improper sealing can result in dirt and debris from the outdoors seeping in your ducts and preventing from experiencing a higher level of indoor air quality.

Contact PW Essig today if you need duct cleaning in Boyertown that will keep dirt, debris, and dust far, far away!