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How Can Tankless Water Heaters in Pottstown Save You Money?

undefinedYou may have heard of the benefits of tankless water heaters. The price tag, however, may have steered you away. While these units cost more up front, the experts claim long-term savings. For some these are hard to fathom. Tankless water heaters in Pottstown can actually save you money in various ways.

There’s no exact number or promise as to what you will save. Consumer Reports has said tankless units might save you as much as $80 per year, while Energy Star claims it might save the customer around $100 or perhaps more. Here we’ll focus on how a tankless water heater can save, rather than promise a specific dollar amount you’ll have extra in your pocket.

Where the Savings Come From

First, you use less water. While this depends on how much water your household actually uses; the device is on-demand after all; it does not require a large tank to be filled. The water you use passes through the heating element, and that’s what gets consumed. Naturally the less water you use the less the water utility company will charge you.

Second, you’re not using the electricity to constantly keep a tank of water hot. Tank heaters run all the time, constantly drawing power and adding to the consumption and bill you receive every month. The unit’s efficiency factors into cost savings as well. It is affected by how cold the incoming water is, how hot the outgoing water needs to be, and the volume of liquid that passes through. The amount of natural gas that gets burned in the process is a factor too.

Other Savings Opportunities

You may also be eligible for tax credits by going energy efficient. This can vary depending on where you live and the utility companies that operate in your area. Another benefit is you can lower the water temperature of the unit since there’s no standing water. Lowering it below 120 degrees Fahrenheit can save on heating costs.

Tankless water heaters also last longer, up to around 20 years. Since you don’t have to replace the unit as often, you don’t have to spend on purchasing the equipment sooner. Tankless models also don’t leak as much. There’s also less water damage so repairs are typically less frequent.

These are just a few reasons you can save money by installing tankless water heaters in Pottstown. You might be ready to make the switch and save. If so, contact Paul W. Essig today to have a contractor come to your home, assess the situation, and recommend the right unit for you.